Dolphin sunset on Sv.Mauro- Porec

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Details of excursion
Old sailors believe that dolphins bring luck to ships, their crew and passengers. They will also bring it to you. So, take advantage of this opportunity, sip on some drinks while watching the sunset and spot some dolphins in the open sea.

Enjoy a drink and slowly sail to the open sea with a beautiful view of the Poreč Riviera. On the other side you can see the open sea and the sun meeting the horizon. Watch the elegant tricks dolphins can show you in their natural environment, in their complete wilderness and freedom.  This is not a dolphinarium, there is no trainer, and these animals behave in harmony with nature. It is particularly exciting to watch dolphins swimming at the side of the boat and in front of the bow.  If you are lucky enough, you can see a young dolphin that is usually accompanied by a smaller group of adults who keep a distance from the ship. For those who suffer from stress this is a perfect opportunity for therapy, for parents with children this is a perfect gift and surprise for their kids.

2.00 hours

Sv. Mauro

• Boat tour

• Drinks (water, juice, wine)

  • Free tickets for kids under 5 years
  • Wedding

Allowed pets
  • Any pets allowed

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Good to know
Porto Bussola
Cancellation / Payment policies
In case of unstable weather, the boat-trip can be adapted or rescheduled. Thanks for understanding and keep safe !

Address of marina
  • Country:Croatia
  • City:Porec
  • ZIP code:52440
  • Address:Obala Marsala Tita bb

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