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San Marino port
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Details of excursion
Experience the magic of Lopar on the Grga Panoramic, a unique glass-bottomed catamaran. This sunset tour offers stunning views of the sea's transformation and a glimpse into the vibrant underwater world. The highlight is a stop at Saint Grgur Island's rich underwater aquarium. A memorable journey intertwining nature, sea, and history awaits.

Discover the stunning panorama of Lopar on a special glass-bottomed catamaran, the GrgaPanoramic! This is not just a boat trip, it's an unforgettable experience where nature, sea, and history intertwine.

Join us at sunset, departing at 6:00 PM from the Lopar "San Marino" port, and enjoy the breathtaking view as the sun slowly dips below the horizon, and the colors of the sea turn to gold and pink under the last rays of the day.

The Grga Panoramic glass-bottomed catamaran offers not only a stunning view above the surface. Through the glass windows at the bottom of the boat, you can marvel at the underwater world where a colorful cavalcade of marine life unfolds before your eyes.

During the boat trip, we stop at Saint Grgur Island, where we can view the underwater aquarium located deep in the sea. Here, the marine life is even richer, and the sight of colorful fish, coral reefs, and sea plants provides an unforgettable experience.

The return to the Lopar port is scheduled for 7:00 PM, where the last rays of the sunset still illuminate the surface of the sea, and the stars begin to appear in the sky.

Join us on this special boat trip and enjoy the wonders of nature on and under the sea. Don't miss out on this unique experience that will remain memorable forever!

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60 minutes


Drinks for extra charge

What to bring?
For this unique boat tour on the GrgaPanoramic, consider bringing the following items:

1. **Comfortable Clothing:** Dress in layers so you can adjust to the changing temperatures. Don't forget a light jacket or sweater for the cooler evening hours.

2. **Sun Protection:** Even though the tour is in the evening, sun protection like a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen can still be useful.

3. **Camera:** You'll want to capture the breathtaking views and the vibrant underwater world.

4. **Binoculars:** These can enhance your viewing experience, especially for distant wildlife or landmarks.

5. **Water and Snacks:** Depending on the tour's length and what's provided, you might want to bring water and some light snacks.

6. **Comfortable Shoes:** Depending on the boat's layout, you might be standing or moving around a bit.

Remember, it's always a good idea to check with the tour operator for any specific recommendations or restrictions they might have.

  • Free ticket for kids under 3

Allowed pets
  • Any pets allowed

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Sara Ivce
Cancellation / Payment policies
Due to bad weather conditions, we do not give refunds, rather we will gladly give you credit for use another time No shows will not get refund also.

Address of marina
  • Country:Croatia
  • City:Lopar
  • ZIP code:51281
  • Address:Lopar beach

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