Nous sommes déterminés à améliorer le marché de la location de yachts

En tant que entreprise de premier ordre, notre objectif est de vous fournir un travail entièrement automatique convenable et rapide. Notre client est roi !

Pourquoi réserver un bateau ?

Next to boat rental and hire, we offer you a wide range of additional services ensuring that you have the best possible sailing experience. If you do not have a boat driver's license, don’t worry, we can also find you a suitable captain. You can choose from thousands of boats worldwide.

Les yachts contrôlés

Nous avons une connexion directe avec les propriétaires des yachts. Nous enregistrons le bateau avec les photos réelles et des données vérifiées. Chaque information est uniforme et comparable ainsi vous pourriez facilement choisir un bateau pour vous.

Le meilleur rapport qualité-prix

Nous avons l'habitude de vous montrer le meilleur prix possible pour nos yachts de location! Nous vous assurons des baisses continues de prix. Il n'existe pas de frais complémentaires ou encore des coûts cachés.

Véritables évaluations

De vrais plaisanciers, de vrais évaluations. Vous pouvez faire confiance à toute revues de BoatBooKing ! L'expérience de navigation comporte plusieurs aspects, ainsi vous pourriez faire le choix selon celui qui est le plus important pour vous.

Service client internationale

Avez-vous besoin d'aide ? Nos experts multilingue sont à votre service chaque jour de la semaine.

About - The BoatBooKing Team

The Boatbooking team Long story short: we love the sea. Let’s not be exclusive, we also love lakes, rivers, oceans, all kinds of water really, especially if it’s big enough for sailing. This love story started in Hungary, when our very own Captain Sandor tried his hand at sailing on Lake Balaton. Soon, he moved on from the sleek sailboat to the more challenging catamaran, and then there was no stopping! His dream of waking up in a beautiful bay surrounded by nature in a gently rocking boat has finally come true and it was time to share his love of boating with others.

The boat booking service that we wanted for ourselves

The idea of BoatBooKing came to us after having tried a number of boat rental services and getting an uncomfortable feeling that we were being overcharged. So we purchased a boat and it turned out it’s the boat rental agent that drives up the price the most! There was nothing else to do than to find a solution for this problem and design a system that allows our clients to rent yachts at a reasonable price.
We started with building a website where you can see a wide selection of boats, read about their features, and check out real life photos of them. What you see is what you get with us. We made it as straightforward as you can get, so it only takes a few clicks and you have your next boating holiday booked and ready!
The Boatbooking team Friendly prices, friendly stuff

We have also managed to go lower than the usual market prices, which start at 6-10.000 euros per week and the sky is the limit for the farther end of that scale… It just seemed crazy to us! How can people experience the same wonders we do when sailing if they have to worry about throwing money out the window? So, we cut boat rental agent fees in half and now we can provide you yachts at a reasonable price and you can have a worry-free boat trip.
Even after you’ve booked a boat, you can turn to us with any issues during your travels. Our customer service is ready to help you 24/7 and they speak multiple languages. Moreover, if you just want to sit back and hand over the captain’s hat to an experienced sailor, we can arrange that too!
At the end of the day, it really is about giving our best so you can enjoy our services and have the greatest boating experience of your life. With that goal in mind, we at BoatBooKing will continue to work hard for you, and we hope you will become one of our returning sailors.
The Boatbooking team
See you on the sea!

Where can you reach us?


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