Hungarian Christmas and New Year’s Eve

Now we are offering very special events in Hungary for Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

You are in Budapest and want to celebrate, but don’t know where?

Hurry up and book one of our amazing boat excursions on river Danube with traditional Hungarian food, wine and shows. Make the most of your holidays.

From Istria to Dubrovnik

Our journey with BoatBooking Excursions began in one of the Croatian islands called Rab, where we have spent a few days exploring new business opportunities by meeting our brand-new partners.

Time goes on and we find ourselves in the Island of Krk. We had such a luck that one of our partners’ glass bottom excursion boat dropped us off at Baska, a beautiful little town by the sea.

We got to know some more people there and we made not only business with each of them, but friendships as well.

Then it was time to go from cities to towns and villages, to hidden marinas and small ports, where we entered a whole new word.

We got to take a look into the everyday lives of captains and boat owners.

We explored every little corner of Krk Island and we gave our best to let people know about what we do and how we can work together for the better.

After the Island of Krk we went all around Istria starting from Opatija all the way to Umag, and we loved every day of it. I remember we got lost so many times somewhere between the cities, but there was always someone to give a helping hand when we asked for directions.

After about a month spent in Istria we took the road and went to Dalmatia, towards Split. By then we made many relationships with partners, and we had many excursions to offer.

Split – Omis – Makarska and finally Dubrovnik.

All our favourite cities and the beauty of their nature is just unspeakable.

Spending the whole summer in Croatia was wonderful, we learned a lot about business, about people and about excursions at sea and land.

The hardest thing was to leave each place, as each of them had a huge impact on us with their very warm welcome.

Every time we had to go from town to town to explore new areas and to make more experience by meeting our future partners we felt so excited and looked forward to the new adventures.

We got to meet so many interesting people, they all shared the passion of boating, nature and the sea and they were all so customer oriented.

By sharing their story with us about how they began to work on their boats and businesses to give the best experience for their customers we always felt very emotional.

We would like to thank all our amazing partners for supporting us through this journey and for giving us a chance to introduce ourselves and the company we represent: BoatBooking Excursions.

Exploring Egypt

After the summer season ended in Europe, we flew to Egypt to find more exciting excursions to provide more destinations for our customers.

We landed in Hurghada and got to meet this beautiful Hungarian family who have been living there for several years.

They were our hosts and tour guides in one. We soon found out that there were a lot to explore, so we did. This is how we found a lot of new excursions around this area.

You could go and dive in the Red Sea, swim with dolphins, get lost in the beauty of the desert with quad bikes and camels, enjoy the sun in one of the nearby islands or just go and explore the sea with a real pirate boat with lunch.

There are many things to do to enjoy your holidays while you are in Hurghada.

Thanks to our hosts and partners, we brought you all the best adventures from Egypt to choose from.

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